The Razorblades

The Razorblades


19:30 - 22:00
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Hochstadenring 41, Bonn, Bonn, NRW, 53119, NRW


Well, THE RAZORBLADES have heard this dialogue a thousand times.

18 years, over 700 shows in Europe and the USA plus countless miles on the highway lie behind the Surf punks THE RAZORBLADES, who started in 2002 to kick the Californian Surf sound into the new millennium.  Now it‘s the year 2020. Rock’n Roll world domination is not in sight, but the  small guerilla troop called THE RAZORBLADES still fights for their mission “world improvement through rock’n roll”.

The first song of the new album “Howlin’ At the Copycats” makes perfectly clear what it’s all about:

“I don’t care, if this is a hit, if it’s en vogue or any other shit, all I want is play some rock’n roll, gimme excitement, la revolution!” is the simple message of „Rock’n Roll Day“.

Following this credo, THE RAZORBLADES don’t care about the musical fashion or Zeitgeist on their 7th album. They simply combine their favorite elements from Surf, Rock’n‘Roll, Punk and Powerpop into a colorful sound universe. Rob Razorblades’ twang guitar stays razor sharp despite 18 years of rock’n roll experience, but this time it gets into a race with cool lead vocals and noisy fuzz and feedback elements. Who wins?

Nobody cares, because this album – the first one recorded completely in the bands’ own studio – is the most diverse in the Razorblade-career. On four glorious vinyl sides you get very different shades of the resistance fighters from Wiesbaden, Germany

So if you still think THE RAZORBLADES sound like the Beach Boys, check out one of their shows!


Rob Razorblade: guitar, vocals

Ralph Razorblade: drums, vocals

Randy Razorblade: bass, vocals

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