Awakebustillinbed (Emopunk)(USA)+Your arms are My Cocoon (Bedroom Screamo)(USA)+Fish in the Elevator (shoegaze)(Bonn)

Awakebustillinbed (Emopunk)(USA)+Your arms are My Cocoon (Bedroom Screamo)(USA)+Fish in the Elevator (shoegaze)(Bonn)


18:00 - 22:00
Eintritt: 10€


Hochstadenring 41, Bonn, Bonn, NRW, 53119, NRW




The band’s raw, expository lyrics are accompanied by a gnarlier sound. On last year’s split EP with Ohio screamo band For Your Health, Taylor opened with a screeching cry, and her voice only got harsher from there. On chaos awakebutstillinbed push even further into the red, carving scorched-earth melodies through Taylor’s battered bleats. The band’s original lineup—save for bassist Ally Garcia, who gets a quick shoutout on opener “bloodline”—worked with producer Joe Reinhardt (Hop Along, Algernon Cadwallader) and engineer Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Joyce Manor) to build towering catharsis around Taylor’s words. The sprightly, chiming guitar tones of their debut are largely gone, replaced by dense walls of distortion and clear-eyed finger-picked guitar. Taylor too leans into the darkness; her clean vocals always threaten to crack open into a piercing howl.


Your arms are My Cocoon

(Bedroom Screamo)(USA)

Your Arms Are My Cocoon is a project that will most definitely take some settling in before it truly starts to reveal its magnificence to you. It’s unique combination of screamo, bedroom pop and Midwest emo is one unlike anything I’ve ever heard, and upon first listen, it really took me aback. Tyler Odom has been touring throughout all of the US, Asia and now Europe, screaming his heart out to his Midwest-Emo and Chiptune influenced Instrumentals with a Live-Show that will change your look on live music.


Fish in the Elevator


Fish in the Elevator are a Pop-Punk band turned Shoegaze from Bonn. They combine pop-sensibilities, from catchy choruses to beautiful vocal Harmonies with a focus on their lyrics dealing with abandonment, loneliness and other harsh topics, with the hypnotizing and sometimes heavy sounds from Shoegaze Bands like Whirr or Nothing.


Einlass 18:30
Beginn 19:30
Eintritt 10,- €

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