The conflict resolution group at KULT41 introduces itself.

Are you sometimes bothered by something in KULT41? Are you annoyed by the way some people use the common spaces, handle affairs or treat others? Of course, it’s always best to discuss such things directly with those concerned, in a friendly and objective way And sometimes that is difficult for various reasons. For these cases, there are contact persons at KULT41 whom you can turn to confidentially. At the moment, this conflict mediation group consists of Björn Schädlich, Georg Buchrucker, Katja Ehrenberg and Philipp Boley.

They listen to you, help you sort out your thoughts, feelings and goals, and work with you on what the next steps could be. It is important to us as KULT41 that everyone feels comfortable, can work well together and have fun, regardless of whether they are involved a lot or to a lesser degree, whether they have been with us for a long time or are new members. And it is important to us that different ideas or stressful situations are resolved quickly and directly in a constructive way, instead of people bottling up anger or creating rumours and a bad atmosphere.

Everything you tell one of the four will be kept strictly confidential at first. This way, you can get everything off your chest first and sort it out afterwards. You will decide together how to proceed, e.g. whether a topic should be brought to the attention of the board, whether a joint discussion should be held with another person involved or affected, etc. Nothing happens that you don’t want to happen.

If you have a request for conflict mediation, it is best to contact us by e-mail at . Write briefly what it is about, and also if you would prefer to talk to a specific person from the conflict mediation group first.

We will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange an appointment for a first meeting.


on the Kult41 board, IT guy, juggler and tinkerer


on the Kult41 board, theatre and play


Kult41 helper, psychologist, systemic counsellor


Social worker with additional training in counselling + mediation