Want to join in? Help!

Kult41 is a self-organized cultural center for participation. We work here for fun and for a good cause, i. e. on a voluntary basis.

For this to work, Kult41 not only needs people who want to organize events. There is also a need for people who are willing to take on responsibility in order to put the Kult41’s voluntary administrative work on as broad a basis as possible in the long term. We also always need helpers behind the counter or at the box office. We always have a few small jobs available for people with little time.

If you would like to help us, you are very welcome! Simply sign up for our list of helpers using this form:

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    Play concert

    If you would like to perform with your band, please have a look here.

    If you would like to organize an event with us that is not a concert, please click here.

    You can also easily become a member of the association. You can find out how to do this here.

    If you would like to organize your own event with us and thus become a permanent, active part of KULT41, then take a look around here.

    There are themed working groups that you can get involved in.