Want to join in? Play a concert!

Would you like to play a concert at Kult41? First of all, THANK YOU for your interest!


Short info:

  • Before you ccntact us, please read the conditions we offer.
  • Kult41 works entirely on a voluntary basis – we are a non-commercial venue and organize everything here in our free time.
  • Please send your application to NOT to other e-mail addresses, via Facebook, Instagram or other channels. Otherwise it won’t reach the right people and might simply be ignored in the worst-case scenario.
  • Please understand if no one responds to your application. In that case there’s just no one available or it doesn’t suit any of us musically. (right now)
  • Kult41 cannot be hired for concerts. All concerts (and other events) at Kult41 are open to the public and must be booked at least one month in advance. There are no exceptions.
  • Would you like to perform something other than a concert at Kult41? Then please click here.

Detailed info:


1) How we work

We have no central contact person and no external booking system. There are a hand full of people who organize concerts at Kult41 as soon as they have the time (and inclination) to do so. You can ONLY reach this group of people by sending an e-mail to . This is because we are a purely volunteer-run cultural center and all our work is done free of charge in our free time. So it’s important that everyone involved has fun! This whole thing has been very successful so far.


2) What happens after sending the mail to ?

If one of the contact persons for concerts is interested in your application, they will get in touch with you in good time.
In case you have agreed on a date and the necessary further arrangements with him/her in good time, the concert will take place and will continue to be supervised by this contact person on his/her own responsibility.
All further details (questions, arrangements, etc.) are handled by this specific contact person, this also applies to Facebook events, for example. So please do not write to our Facebook page or similar if you have any questions about a booked concert.


3) Useful for the application

It makes sense to suggest a time or exact date for the concert and send a link to a stream/YouTube or website so that we know what your music sounds like.


4) NOT useful for the application

Sending multiple emails with applications (or follow-up questions) is counterproductive. As described, we are all volunteers – so it doesn’t help to send multiple requests. It is also not advisable to send emails with attachments of any kind to the email address . No matter at what time.


5) Noone got back to me!

If no one contacts you, unfortunately no one is interested in organizing the concert. This is also due to the enormous number of requests for concerts at Kult41 (around 30+/week) and the relatively small number of concerts that can actually take place (around 5 per month).
Unfortunately, the high volume of applications also means that you will only hear from us in positive cases, as a) it is simply impossible for us to respond to every single application and b) your e-mail goes to a distribution list, i.e. there is no central contact person.


6) Catching up?

Further inquiries by email will not speed things up, as there is no individual person behind this address, but a mailing list.


“But I want to!” – The path to your own event

Now there are days when there is no event at the Kult and when the concert could have been held. Why is nothing happening? Well, as mentioned, everything in Kult41 runs on a purely voluntary basis in our free time. Some things don’t happen due to pure lack of time.

But… If you were someone from the group who could organize concerts at Kult41, then your concerts could take place. And your friends’ concerts. And the concerts of your favorite bands. And much more.

How does it work? You can find out here.