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  • perform at Kult41 with your band? Then please click here.
  • exhibit your art at Kult41? Then please click here.
  • hold an event at Kult41 that is not a concert? Then please click here.
  • help us at events or in general? Then please look here.
  • organize your own event at Kult41? Then please click here.
  • ask something about a specific event or say: A date helps us.
  • Get rid of criticism? We run the cult on a voluntary basis in our free time. Join us and make it better together with us. Suggestions are welcome.
  • I’ll send you some information about the event in a few hours: We do all this on a voluntary basis in our limited free time, so a reply may take a few days. The organizers are often on site a few hours before admission and can then be reached by telephone if necessary => see column on the right.
  • that we answer? Then please enter a correct e-mail address in the contact form. 😉

    Offline contact

    Instead of using the contact form, you can of course also contact us offline!

    The Kult41 is always open for events (see program) and you are guaranteed to meet people who will be happy to tell you about our club and all the goings-on.

    We also meet on the first Thursday of every month from 8 to 9:30 p.m. to discuss new ideas or opportunities to help shape the company. Everyone is welcome!

    The telephone is always manned shortly before and during our events. See also our program.

    0228 / 9085707

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